About Visure Solutions

Requirements are, without a doubt, the most critical element in the development of complex systems, and the problems deriving from them significantly contribute to lower quality and productivity, increased development costs and, naturally, time-to-market.

At present, some companies in the market either offer complex application development suites, which are very expensive and difficult to implement and integrate with third-party tools, or offer process improvement services without providing practical solutions for automating and optimizing these.

Due to the intrinsic complexity of requirements-related problems, companies are increasingly demanding a leading requirements specialist which can provide collaborative SOLUTIONS to said problems, adapted to the specific needs of each company, at an affordable implementation cost and, naturally, integrated with other complementary processes and tools already implemented in the organization.

The quality of Visure Requirements, endorsed by leading organizations worldwide, together with the extensive experience accumulated by our team in the development, marketing and implementation of the product, are the company’s main assets.

Visure Solutions is a private company with offices and distributors of renowned prestige in more than 25 countries worldwide: USA, Germany, Brazil, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Holland, Italy, India, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, etc.