Process Improvement

Process Improvement

Process Definition and Improvement in Requirements Engineering

Visure offers you the support you need to define and implement a requirements process perfectly adapted to the needs of your organization and based on the best proven industry practices.

Initial Diagnosis – Gap Analysis

Visure has developed The Requirements Capability Model (RCM), a proprietary model based on the definition of Capability Levels, which allow the accurate diagnosis of an organization’s initial situation in relation to the best practices established by Requirements Engineering. This Gap Analysis is the starting point for establishing the lmprovement Plan to reach the desired capability level in relation to the requirements processes.

Requirements Capability Model (RCM)

In addition to its RCM Model, Visure uses other models and standards of renowned prestige to carry out its diagnoses, such as CMMI or ISO 15504 (SPICE), for which it uses different valuation methods such as the SCAMPI Method.

Regardless of the aforementioned model used by Visure to carry out the initial diagnosis, the gap analysis will be obtained by reviewing the processes and projects, both at documentary level and by holding interviews.

Improvement Plan

Based on the results obtained in the gap analysis, Visure will help you to develop the Improvement Plan that most adequately meets your needs, placing emphasis on the most critical improvement areas identified that affect the achievement of your business objectives.

Improvement Plan Development

After establishing the improvement plan, it will be necessary to adapt the current processes to the needs identified in the gap analysis. Visure’s Team is highly experienced both in the execution of Requirements Definition and Management and in the execution of process improvement projects, thereby guaranteeing the success of the improvement plan.

Once the new processes are defined, it will be necessary to deploy them in the organization, for which several deployment techniques can be used, such as pilot projects. During this stage, it will be fundamental to establish metrics-based process deployment indicators.


Team training in Requirements Definition and Management is fundamental to guarantee a successful improvement project.

At Visure we are exclusively focused on Requirements Definition and Management and definition, due to which our Requirements Definition and Management courses offer the possibility of becoming familiarized with the different aspects of this discipline: Requirements Definition and Management courses, courses in People Techniques and Skills for Requirements Definition and Management and Visure Requirements Definition and Management Solution courses, in order to learn the latest techniques for carrying out the related activities.

We have a comprehensive Training Catalogue, where you can choose the course that best meets your needs and either attend one of our regular calendar courses or run it in company, adapting it to your needs in terms of timetables, contents, etc.

Visure is the official Trainer Provider of the course for Professional Certification in Requirements Engineering, IREB (International Requirements Engineering Board) based on the IREB Certified Professional for Requirements, Foundation Level “syllabus”. We are authorized by IREB to deliver this training in every country of the American Continent and in the European Union (except the United Kingdom).

Continuous Improvement

Once the new process has been defined and implemented and the Team involved trained and qualified, the process must then be adapted to the new business needs or modifications that may arise within the organization’s structure. In this manner we prevent the process from becoming obsolete or falling into disuse.

Visure proposes different actions that will guarantee the continuous improvement of your Requirements Definition and Management process. Some of these measures are:

  • Requirements process execution control and evaluation methods.
  • Indicators and metrics for requirements process measurement.
  • Refresher or new training courses in requirements process-related skills, techniques, methodologies, etc.